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Practice Groups

Our Executive Practice Groups' generally consist of 20 senior practitioners from across the insurance sector; insurers, brokers, Lloyd’s of London and insurance trade association representatives.

The 20 Members of the Practice Group meet between two and four times a year over breakfast where key topical themes are discussed and guests speakers share valuable insights. The purpose of the Group is to provide a platform for knowledge exchange, information sharing, collaboration and networking.

The discussions at each Practice Group session are held under Chatham House Rules to ensure members feel free to share their views without concern of reporting or judgement.

Each year, LMForums arranges and hosts many different Practice Group breakfasts covering many job functions within the insurance market as you can see below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many places will there be on a Practice Group?
The Group consists of 20 professionals who work for carriers, brokers, MGAs, coverholders, Lloyd’s and trade associations.
2. Who can apply to be a member of the Group?
Anyone working directly as an employee for an insurer, reinsurer, brokers, Lloyd’s, MGA, LMA, IUA and other trade associations. Ideally, you should be in a position of functional responsibility.
3. How often will the Group meet?
Two to four times during a 12 month period, either virtually at varying times or in person at breakfast time - 8.30am-10.30am.
4. How long will I remain a member of the Practice Group?
You will ordinarily be part of the Practice Group for the whole 12 months, but you can appoint a couple of deputies who could take your seat, should you be absent on one of the four scheduled dates.
5. Is there a cost in attending the Practice Group?
No, no insurance professional will be charged for participation with the Practice Group.
6. Where will the Practice Group meet?
Practice Groups are held in at variety of City venues and members are always advised prior to each meeting of the specific location. LMForums always uses venues of high quality and within a few minutes walk of the Lloyd’s Building. However, at the moment due to the pandemic all Practice Groups are held virtually.
7. What can I expect at a Practice Group meeting?
Lots of interesting conversation and key learning points, the opportunity to meet your peers, as well as a great breakfast too at a high quality venue. If you consider that it assists your learning of this specialist subject then it may well qualify for CPD points with for your respect professional body.
8. How do I join?
Send us an email to with your full name, job title and company name. We only have 20 spaces for membership of this Practice Group, so it will be on a first come first served basis. Please remember, only those working for an insurance firm may apply for membership of the Group.
9. How do I leave the Group?
You can leave at any time, just drop us an email - there is no commitment, but the longer you are part of the Group, the more you’ll get out of it.
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