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Corporate Membership

Exciting engagement opportunities from £1,575 per calendar month

Corporate Membership

Become a full Corporate Member of LMForums and enjoy exposure at quality events over a whole 12 month period - forget one day conferences - The London Insurance Market is all about relationships and being part of the community for a year will help you create solid and trusted partnerships.

Practice Group Sponsorship

Sponsor one of high level industry Practice Groups, covering all aspects of technology, operations, cyber and a lot more. Each Practice Group comprises of over 20 senior level industry practitioners. Creates great brand awareness for you and allows you to understand what is happening in the industry.

Market People Magazine

Feature your brand in our exciting Market People Magazine, reaching over 30,000 insurance professionals. Produced in digital and printed copy versions and available from the receptions of many offices and hotels in the City of London.

Single Event Management

Interested in a single event? We can do that for some vendors, covering areas of industry interest and topical debate.

Shine alongside industry excellence

Market People Awards - this is an event where we bring the industry together to celebrate those who contribute the most - come and join us for a spectacular evening, with leading Market figures. Take a table, invite guests or we can invite members who fit the profile of the person with whom you’re looking to engage.


Designed and written for the London Insurance Market professional, you could provide content around your vision for your products in the market whilst helping to shape the understanding of all our practitioner members and more.

Social Media

As part of your package we can assist you in reaching out through social media to the market and target those that would benefit from your products and services. With joint campaigns this targeted approach provides a platform for your brand to be recognised and associated within the London Market.

Video Cast Service

With over 50 events per year being held on-line our expertise in production has grown tremendously over the past year. Working with you we can provide a video cast service that allows you to reach out into the market place to a targeted audience without the major hassle of doing it all yourself.

At LMForums we work closely with vendors, suppliers and advisors from around the world, helping them understand the insurance sector and develop a strong network of contacts. we are the fastest growing networking and thought leadership association in the famous Lloyd’s and London Insurance market - we invite you to be part of it today.

Corporate Membership

The London insurance market is one of the World’s unique financial trading centers.

Employing more than 40,000 professionals in over 600 firms of varying shapes and sizes, the marketplace, with the world famous Lloyd’s of London at the center, makes a significant contribution to the UK’s GDP, as well as generating significant business opportunities for the thousands of companies supplying valuable products and services.

LMForums, the learning and networking hub for professionals working in this thriving marketplace, provides a unique opportunity for companies like yours to meet key decision makers from the insurance sector and gain a first hand understanding of the trends and behaviours.

At LMForums we work hard to support our Corporate Members and partners in helping them gain much greater brand visibility across the thriving London Insurance Market, as well as expand their business relationships and their understanding of the challenges affecting this important business sector.

The opportunities for solution providers, advisors and suppliers are significant, but it’s a Market where visibility and engagement is essential in order to build trust and respect – LMForums can help you on that journey and provide the support and guidance to help you navigate the Lloyd’s and wider London Insurance Market. Put simply, we bring professionals together.


1. What is a Corporate Member?
Corporate Members are those companies who commit to support at least 2 LMForums events over a 12 month period. These can be breakfasts or working lunches or even our Summit style events. Corporate Members receive a number of 'Event Credits' depending on the package they choose.
2. What benefits do Corporate Members receive?
As well as coverage on our website and the full support from LMForums in producing four meaningful events, Corporate Members are eligible to participate in certain LMForums Open Events during the twelve month membership period. At the end of this period, a company can opt to continue their membership upon payment of a specified fee, for a further twelve months.
  • Twelve months Corporate Membership of LMF, including the agreed 'Event Credits' credits mentioned in this Agreement
  • One Double Paged Branded Feature in Market People Magazine
  • One Article in the LMForums Newsletter
  • Includes pre-event brainstorming session, pre-event Market wide promotion, all venue and catering costs and the option to bring marketing and promotional equipment/materials.
  • Attendance at other LMF “Open" events during the membership period, by invitation, as a “guest”. We permit up to three employees of the Corporate Member to attend any such event. Some events are closed, private or restricted, such as certain Practice Groups.
  • Complimentary invitation, as a guest, to our social drinks events
  • Full consultative and collaborative partnership with LMF, including regular review meetings and planning sessions prior to events
  • All food, beverage, management, organisation and hosting of the event is included in the Membership charge and event credit.
3. What sort of companies benefit most from Corporate Membership?
This type of membership is suited to companies of all sizes ranging from large multi-nationals through to start-ups and small consultancies. Basically any firm looking to gain presence in the insurance market or greater understanding of the sector.
4. How much does Corporate Membership cost?
Corporate Membership can be as little as £1,575 per calendar month and is charged based on the package selected. Within the packages you receive 'Event Credits' and other benefits. It is typically no more than the cost of attending and participating in other industry conferences except LMF Corporate Membership covers a whole 12 months. LMForums Corporate Membership is considered to be an exceptionally effective way to gain industry presence, recognition and provides you with the platform to inform the insurance industry of the range of your products, services and solutions.
5. What are LMF 'Event Credits'?
Event credits can be used for any Practice Group, Summit, Symposium or Social event. Ordinarily you use just ONE event credit per event, where you are promoted as the official sponsor of that event. There are some “premium” events, such as our Leaders & Advisers Evenings, which typically cost significantly more than the value of an event credit, due to the type and duration of venue hire and things like a champagne reception and high quality food and beverages. These types of events are few and far between, so typically you would use ONE event credit per event. Bespoke events, which are along the format of a Practice Group, would also involve using ONE event credit, unless your company wanted complete exclusivity and extra services, such as video recording and special “hired in” speakers.
6. What are LMF 'Practice Groups'?
These are roundtable, physical, face to face “executive styled” gatherings, typically consisting of 20 mid to senior management persons and involves lots of personal interaction and an opportunity to present a thought leadership/intelligence piece. You and the practitioners receive a hot cooked and served plated breakfast, followed by a roundtable discussion. This is all designed and themed in conjunction with the Corporate Member(s) who are using their event credit to support that particular event. We tend to involve two non competing (complimentary) Corporate Members at each Practice Group, but sometimes only one vendor partner is involved depending on the subject or theme being discussed. Feedback from our Practitioner Members has told us that they like having two different firms involved, as it can offer a broader spectrum of discussion. This model has worked well for many years. All food, beverage, management, organisation and hosting of the event is included in the Membership charge and event credit.
7. What are LMF 'Summits'?
These attract a slightly wider range of job titles, again carefully selected from our membership, based on type of Summit being arranged and the particular group of interest to the Corporate Member. ONE event credit would be used, for participation as a speaker/sponsor of that event. Summits are typically are capped at around 100 people and comprise of a number of presentations involving those using their event credits, plus a series of roundtables so that all participants are involved allowing the sponsors to get to hear the thoughts of everyone. These sessions tend to end with a drinks party. Summits are sponsored by around 4-6 non competing LMF Corporate Members. Corporate Members are encouraged to bring roller banners and give away merchandise. All food, beverage, management, organisation and hosting of the event is included in the Membership charge and event credit. As a Corporate Member you can also attend these events, as a guest, without using an event credit.
8. LMF Social Events
These occur throughout the year and are an excellent way of reaching a wide and influential audience. Our Corporate Members often report that they make very important new relationships with our members on these evenings, in a more relaxed environment, which the London Market is well known for. Sponsorship of a social event is ONE event credit.
9. LMF Webinars
LMF was the main body in the London Insurance Market during the pandemic who produced and hosted a wide range of these virtual events, the London Market (and most vendors) prefer physical face to face sessions. We are however not averse to staging a webinar for you, if that’s of more interest. For some types of groups, including legal and compliance, as well as finance, these can sometimes be a good option. Sponsorship of a Webinar costs the Corporate Member ONE event credit.
10. Dates and themes of events
These are all discussed with our respective Corporate Members and whilst we set a rough timetable of events, these are often changed to suit the availability of key people attending, especially our Corporate Members. Within each Corporate Member, there are often key individuals, subject matter experts and evangelists who are ideal to talk at our events. We encourage our Corporate Members to invite along their clients for “fireside chats” in front of our other Practitioner Members, as these are often more powerful than speeches or presentations. We actively discourage “demos” but anything of an educational or inspirational nature, even if its knowledge acquired through working with other sectors, is encouraged.
11. Why work with LMF?
  • 10,000 LMF Practitioner Members – and growing
  • 40+ Market events annually
  • Between 500-1000 visits to the LMF website weekly
  • 14,000+ LinkedIn followers
  • 165,000 views of LMF posts on LinkedIn over the last six months
  • 80/20 Practitioner/Vendor ratio at LMF events
  • Led by insurance professionals for insurance professionals
  • Truly cross market, free to access platform for the insurance market – no membership charge and no charge for events
  • Unique multi channel engagement platform – events, publications, social media and personal consultation
12. How do I apply?
Contact LMForums at
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