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Cyber Resilience Leaders Practice Group


Cyber Resilience Leaders Practice Group - 4th June 2024

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4th June 2024
08:30 Start
10:30 End

Join us on 4th June for the Summer LMF Cyber Insurance Practice Group meeting, designed exclusively for insurance professionals from underwriting, broking and Lloyd's, who are practicing cyber insurance.

Understand the fast moving world of threat intelligence

Are you ready to dive deep into the evolving world of threat intelligence and operational resilience? Don't miss this unique opportunity to gain insights from our assembled domain experts from Fortinet and participate in a roundtable discussion on this topic with your peers, whilst enjoying a delicious hot cooked breakfast - produced by your community thought leadership hub, LMF.

Why Attend?

  1. Expert Guidance from Fortinet:
    • Learn from top domain experts at Fortinet, one of the World's leading Cyber Resilience specialists, renowned for its cutting-edge security solutions and intelligence. We'll hear from two leading experts in their field, on this topic, Ricardo Ferreira, leading CISO, author and keynote speaker, along with Kash Valji, specialist in cyber resilience technologies
    • Gain exclusive insights into the latest trends and technologies in cyber resilience.
  2. Enhance Your Risk Assessment Skills:
    • Understand the developing area of threat intelligence and its critical role in mitigating cyber risks.
    • Openly discuss, as a group, how threat intelligence is reshaping underwriting and the service provided by brokers to their clients
  3. Stay Ahead of the Curve:
    • Discover how firms around the globe are leveraging threat intelligence to enhance their cybersecurity posture.
    • Equip yourself with the knowledge to better assess and manage cyber risks, ensuring your clients are protected against evolving threats.
  4. Network with Industry Peers:
    • Connect with fellow cyber insurance professionals and exchange ideas, experiences, and best practices.
    • Build a robust professional network that can support your career growth - this is so important in the London Market
  5. Develop yourself and your business:
    • Stay on top of some of the latest thinking in this space
    • Be part of the community discussion and help inform your colleagues on this topic.

Limited Seats Now Available! Secure your place today and be part of the EC3 cyber insurance community.

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